Personal Injury Lawyer Vancouver

Characteristics Of A Lawyer For Personal Injuries

Legal AdviceLawyers that specialize in personal injury are the source for legal advice for anyone that has suffered an injury and not adequately compensated.

So how will you know you are getting the best lawyer for your needs?

Like any business where someone is hiring another person to help them with something, some lawyers will do anything to get you to hire them. It is up to you to do the research and interview to make sure you get the best that you can afford. You’ll want to be sure that the one you hire will do his or her very best to get the best possible outcome for your injury and case.

Some things to keep in mind:

Beware of the solicitor that guarantees that they will win your case. No one can be 100% sure of the outcome of something that they don’t have 100% control over.

Beware if they give you a number as a result of winning the case. They can give you an idea of the amount that they would aim to get in the hopes that they will be able to deliver on that promise. However, they cannot guarantee that you would get that amount.

Start off with research, get one or more recommendations from people you know, and then interview the attorney’s that make your short list.

What you should be looking for is honesty, experience, courtroom experience, communicates well, and that you have confidence in and like the one you choose to handle your case.

Sometimes the legal matter is settled out of court but you would want to make sure your representative has courtroom experience if it does go to court.

It is not always only the above factors that determine who you hire to help you. There may be extenuating circumstances that drive the decision. There may be limitations such as financing, your location, your situation, and legal help availability.

If you’ve done your homework well, you should be able to find and hire the best possible personal injury lawyer Vancouver that you can afford to assist you with your claim.

Designing A Website Using WordPress

Website Design Course and WordPress Theme

How To Design A Website If you’ve been online at all during the past decade, you are no doubt aware of the many (many) courses that are being offered for just about any subject imaginable. If you want it, I’m sure you’ll find it somewhere online.

That is not to say that all courses are equal. For example, I have an interest in internet marketing, SEO, and creating websites. In fact that is what I do for a living these days (I love it and I’m good at it). I spend quite a bit of time online each and every day so I see and get notification of various courses and training that are offered in that field.

From years of experience – good and bad, I am now very selective on any training that I buy. I have been burned way too many times. Sucked in by good sales copy that promises the world, only to find that the actual content is not what was promised.

I know that I’m not alone. The same has happened to most people that I know.

These days I am very careful to research any training that I am considering. If it doesn’t have a good rating, hasn’t been recommended to me by someone I know, and/or is not exactly what I want or need – I pass on it.

Because of this ongoing problem in the online world, I decided to take a website that I’ve had for a while and repurpose it into a site that reviews and recommends only great courses and training programs.

I have the experience and the know-how to recognize something that is of genuine value and will only recommend those that pass the grade. You will only read about courses, programs, training, and software that I have personal experience with.  I don’t feel comfortable recommending something to you that I haven’t actually used myself.

That being said, I am starting with three pieces of WordPress components that I have found to be extremely valuable. I bought them around the same time and have not used anything else since.

One is a course that came out a few months ago, quickly sold out and an updated version is scheduled to be released early August 2014.

The second and third is a WordPress theme and website builder combo that is so well done that you can create almost anything on your site using them.

The website design course along with the WordPress theme and WordPress theme builder are an unbeatable team of products that I highly recommend.

Finding the Best Online Marketing Service

SEO – Marketing Your Business Online

Okanagan SEO Expert Are you looking for the best online marketing service?

There are many so-called SEO and marketing services for online business advertising themselves as an expert in the field (although less these days since the huge algorithm updates of 2013). It is up to you to find the most legitimate business for your needs.

One way to determine if you are hiring a good search engine optimization company (or person) is to ask to see proof of some of their long-term successes. Most won’t be able to show you other businesses that they are working with (this is a confidentiality issue), but they should have some sites and keywords that they use for their portfolio.

How will you know when you’ve found the perfect person to do your marketing and optimizing?

Search engine optimization is not something that you do one time and then forget. It is something that has to be done on a regular basis. It takes regular work to get and keep a business (or person) at the top of search engine rankings.

It takes time to get a site and keywords to rank well. There is no quick magic solution. The only way for you to enjoy long-term ranking success is to be patient and to keep working on it.

Optimizing a website and keywords takes time and patience.  In most cases, in order to have lasting effects, it could take anywhere from two to six months to see results. The timeframe usually depends upon how competitive the keywords are.

Planning and implementing a successful  search engine optimization strategy does not come cheap. You could pay someone a small amount of money and have some work done but it would most likely not be good work in the eyes of search engines. Or you could pay the price for a real expert, someone that has proven to be the real-thing, and get the success that you pay for.

Not only is there the obvious things that need to be considered and implemented directly on your website, but there is much more going on behind-the-scenes that make up an entire optimization strategy.

Can online business marketing be done by anyone?

Not long ago, just about anyone with a little knowledge of these strategies could get a website ranked and possibly keep it there for a while. These days it’s not so easy. As search engine algorithms get more sophisticated, so must the marketing experts.

It is still possible (but not probable) to get a site ranked quickly, but in those cases you can be guaranteed that it will not be done properly, and that improper optimization will get caught. When search engines find that things are not quite right, they will either penalize or ban the site. Both of these scenarios are extremely difficult to recover from. In fact, most optimization experts would prefer to start over than try to recover a site that has been found to be employing negative tactics.

It is possible for anyone that is interested in the subject, is willing and has the time to do constant research – reading, learning, adapting, and updating – to keep up to date on all things with regards to marketing a business online. That person must also have access to and the ability to keep current on all the changes that occur on a regular basis. It is a full-time job. Anyone that is doing this as a hobby will not be able to keep up and will not be able to market a business successfully.

Can you do it yourself?

You can if you have the time to learn everything that there is to know, if you know where to find the right information, if you have access to any and all updates as they happen, and if you have the ability to make all the necessary changes to everything that would relate to those updates.

Any SEO expert would tell you that it is not an easy job and that you have to love what you are doing or you won’t be able to remain current. It is easy for anyone to create a website but unless you understand what is required for on and off page marketing, all the hard work that you put into the site will not be seen by many.





Eight Facts About Honey Bees

Understanding Honeybees

Honey beesThe honey bee is probably the most common and widely known bee family. A rather small sized insect, it inhabits quiet forests, jungles ad gardens around the world and is mainly involved in the production of honey. It is believed to have originated from the jungles of parts of south East Asia from where it later took up residence in many different countries.

It is a popular bee used for keeping bees. Honey bee beekeeping is an enjoyable hobby that can bring in some regular extra cash.

There are several facts about honey bees you might want to know.

1. Hives

As is the case with other types of bees, the honey bee builds and inhabits a hive, usually run by a female queen . At one point in the summer , a hive can have over 40,000 of these insects. But where does the honey that you collect from the hive come from? Well, nectar is collected from flowers in your garden and then taken to the hive where it’s turned into honey.

2. Herbivorous

Being primarily herbivorous , these small insects live purely on nutrients from plants. They prefer to ingest pollen, nectar, fruits or other sweeter plant produce.

3. Communication

Probably the most unique thing about honeybees is their form of communication, the dance language, which involves movements made with the tail. Generally, the language is used to warn other members of the colony of impending danger.

4. Species

Out of the more than 20,000 recognized bee species, only 7 of them belong to the honey bee family . Individual species may however contain subspecies. In the case of the honey bees, there are a total 44 recognized subspecies.

5. Million eggs

Queen honey bees usually lay close to 1,500 eggs a day and can lay up to about 1 million throughout their lifetime. For them, the task of laying eggs starts just 48 hours after mating and they’re so prolific egg layers that they can produce their own body weight in terms of eggs in just a day. In fact, the queen has no time for grooming, feeding or other chores with such tasks being performed by attendant workers.

6. Hardworker

Industrious workers may visit up to 2,000 flowers per day. Since they can’t carry pollen from all these flowers at a go, they keep repeating round trip flights throughout the whole day. This, however, can put a lot of wear & tear on their body, shortening their lives to as little as 3 weeks.

7. Lifetime sperm supply

While the queen honey bee can live between 3 and 4 years, her biological clock often ticks much faster than you probably think. Within a week of emerging from the queen cell, the young queen flies from her hive to mate. If no mating occurs within 20 days, she might lose the ability to mate. On the other hand, if successful, the queen does not need to mate again. She will hold a supply of sperm in her spermatheca and use it to fertilize eggs in the course of her life.

8. Slow “flyers”

A honey bee can fly at a speed of about 15 miles an hour. You might think this is too fast, but in the world of bug, it is actually rather slow. They are built for shorter trips from one flower to the next, not for any long distance travel.

Your Dog And Your Lifestyle

Dog Adoption Or Rescue

Large DogAs a dog owner you may wonder if you are giving your dog the best life. The answer is probably yes. A life in a home environment is better than a life in a shelter or on the streets.

By nature dogs are happy for anything and everything that you give them – dog food, water, a home and most importantly – your love. And they give back ten-fold with unconditional love.

But you could find the occasional dog that is not happy. That is usually due to the fact that they are in the wrong home – a mistaken mismatch in personalities.

For example, if you live a sedentary lifestyle and you adopt an active breed dog you may be asking for trouble. This is why it is so important that you research and understand the breed of dog (or mixed breeds) that you are planning to bring into your family.

One of the main reasons that dogs get returned is because the owners did not do their research and didn’t understand what they were getting. It’s not the dogs fault; it’s the owners fault. But sadly, it’s the dog that suffers…

When you are looking to bring a new dog into your family, you need to consider the activity level of the breed. If you are a couch potato, you don’t want to a dog that has a lot of energy and needs a lot of walks and outings. Don’t expect that because you’ve adopted a dog that you are going to suddenly become energetic and want to go for daily walks. Changing a habit takes time and your dog needs that exercise now.

A bored dog can spell disaster. If your dog needs lots of exercise and you aren’t up to the same, your dog will need to get rid of that energy somehow.  When a dog has excess energy that is usually when they become quite mischievous – and that usually isn’t a good thing when in your home.

Activity Levels

The amount of activity that your dog needs will depend on the breed (or mixed breed of dog) along with his or her personality. There are some breeds that need a lot of exercise and others that do fine with just a little amount of exercise.

But every dog needs some amount of exercise and socialization.

If you have a fenced yard, it does make things easier for you and your dog. Of course walks are always fun and loved by all but a good romp in a fenced yard is the next best thing.

On the other hand, if you love the outdoors and you get a dog that is very relaxed and doesn’t enjoy long walks, runs, or romps then that wouldn’t be a good match either.

Size Doesn’t Matter

Contrary to popular belief, it is incorrect to assume that small dogs don’t need as much exercise as big dogs. There are some small breeds of dog that need just as much exercise as large breeds and vice-versa.

As an example, a Greyhound is a large breed of dog that doesn’t need a lot of exercise. Of course, like all dogs they enjoy their outings but they don’t need a lot of them. They are more of burst energy dogs – in a fenced area they run hard but only for a short distance and then they are done. They are generally couch potatoes – which is the reason that they are fondly nicknamed a “45 mph couch potato”.

Golden Retrievers are a medium breed of dog and they have tons of energy. They need lots of exercise, socialization, and something to keep them occupied much of the day. If they don’t get what they need, they get into mischief.

Poodles are generally small dogs that can successfully live in small places but they are quite high-strung and therefore need quite a bit of activity to keep them calm and happy. Otherwise you’ll find them running around your home, jumping on you and your guests, and acting crazy for a short time – until their burst of energy is expended. Then they’ll happily climb onto your lap for a good snooze.

Either way, you will need to have some dog toys and things that your dog can chew on in the event he or she gets bored. That would be better than if they found the remote.

Know Your Dog

Knowing your dog before you rescue or adopt it is most important. You wouldn’t want to bring a new dog into your home only to find that it isn’t a good fit. You won’t be happy and your dog won’t be happy. And it’s usually the dog that suffers the consequences.

These days it’s easy to find the type of dog that is right for you and your family through research, talking to dog owners, and asking lots of questions. Your dog and your lifestyle should be a good match right from the start. If it’s a good match, you’ll enjoy a happy and rewarding relationship with your dog.

Living In A Tiny Home

The Benefits Of Living In A Small House

Tiny Country HouseThere are so many reasons why you would want to look into living in a tiny home. We didn’t realize how much of a positive change it made to our life until we actually did it.

When we made the move from a large house to a little affordable house it was quite an adjustment – but a welcome one. We were ready. We had done all our research, and did a lot of talking and thinking about it before we made the decision. So we knew it was the right thing for us to do.

It’s been almost two years now and we have no regrets.

Life Is Much Better!

What does it mean to live in a small place?

Affordable HousingDownsizing is the hardest part of starting this new lifestyle. Make sure to give it at least four to six months to rid yourself of all the unnecessary things – to declutter. It can be done faster than that but you could be setting yourself up for more stress that way. It’s not always an easy task to go through everything that you have collected over the years and decide what to keep and what to let go.

What will you gain from all that hard work?

Once you have reached the point where you can move into your smaller place, you’ll quickly notice how easier life is without all those things that you always thought you needed and couldn’t live without.

The Benefits

  • Less living space means it costs less to heat or cool which saves you money each month.
  • Your property taxes will be minimal.
  • The money you save can be put towards paying down debt, saving for a dream vacation or for education, or adding to your retirement fund.
  • The smaller the living area, the quicker and easier it is to clean.
  • You’ll find that you’ll become efficient at keeping your house neat and tidy. It will become a habit to put things where they belong to keep your living space livable.
  • In most cases, small houses are situated on a small property. This means that you will have little (or no) yard work to take up hours of your precious time.
  • Maintenance and upkeep costs are minimal.
  • You’ll be living in a more environmentally-friendly manner because you won’t be contributing as seriously to global warming. Your utility usage and environmental usages will be cut substantially.

The Pitfalls

  • Depending on how small you want to go, not all municipalities have embraced the idea of tiny houses yet. Before embarking on this new lifestyle, you’ll need to find out how your local ordinances feel about these houses. If your plan is to go really small, make sure to check the laws and regulations of house sizes.

No matter what size you choose, just the fact that you’re going smaller will make a difference. When you choose a tiny home, you will find that you have more time to enjoy life; to enjoy the things that you never had the time or money for before.


Healthy Eating

Eating Healthy

New And Improved Eating Habits

Healthy Eating HabitsGoing on two years ago, we made the choice of living a healthier lifestyle. This included eating healthy.

We did some research before we actually dove in and during that time, we found out much more than we had anticipated.

We discovered –

Why we almost always felt bloated.

Why we were carrying around extra weight despite numerous attempts to lose the weight.

Why we regularly had problems with gas, upset stomach and indigestion.

And the way that we could eliminate most, if not all of these problems.

Gluten-Free And Paleo

We had nothing to lose by trying the suggestions that we came across time and time again. All the research we did always seemed to lead us back to a Gluten Free diet and a Paleo diet as our solution.

We started slow knowing from experience that if we tried to make drastic changes to our diet all at once, it wouldn’t last. Over the next six months or so we gradually made the changes we needed to make. Our first step was to eliminate bread because we knew this would be one of the more difficult ones – we both love our fresh bread.

The rest was easy. We have always loved vegetables so we just started making veggies the starting point to our meals.

Next we started adding more fruit.

Of course, this is all in the simplest terms.

It wasn’t difficult to find new recipes that included more vegetables, protein and fruit than what we used to eat. And the meal we make really are delicious.

We lean more towards gluten free than paleo as we love our dairy – especially cheese but we have cut back on that too.

Feeling Better

We do have to add that no matter who you are, what your diet was like, and what your digestive system is like – when you try gluten free you will feel a difference. Almost everyone that we know that has switched, as well as everyone that we have spoken to that made the change has either started to feel much better and have much more energy, and some have even lost a lot of weight like we have.

It’s been almost two years now and other than the occasional lapse, we eliminated all sources of wheat from our diet and are feeling (and looking) fantastic.

It wasn’t as difficult as we thought it would be. We are thoroughly enjoying our new way of cooking and eating. And what makes it even nicer is knowing that we are eating healthy.




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